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Week 1

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Beginning Of Accutane!

Day 1: Jan. 24, 2005
Today I went to the dermatologist. I went and told him I wanted to do accutane because no other products had worked on me. Surprisingly he actually kinda pushed me to do accutane. Most dermatologist that I have gone to have steered me away from it but this one actually allowed me to do it, I was excited. I was excited in a sense that I was going to have clear skin but nervous about all the side effects. I talked to my friend who had it done years ago and he told me that I would be so happy after it is done & my skin will be clear and not to worry about the side effect because he said that your body will heal itself and he went through it and now he has wonderful clear skin. I can't wait! I'm still nervous but I can't wait to see results. I went and had my blood tested and the results came to be normal so I could start my first pill(I got the generic accutane called Amnesteem but my dermatologist said it is the same thing as accutane with a different name). I thought to myself that their is no going back after this one, but in six months I will be clear!!! 
Day 3: Jan. 26, 2005
No Side effects yet but My face feels a little dry, with dry lips, and I woke up with a small headache other than that I am perfectly fine!!!